Our Craftsmanship

Handcrafted cashmere, the hallmark of Tolaga Bay. Each piece individually finished by hand, inside our cashmere atelier.

Knowledge born from craft. We make New Zealand’s finest luxury cashmere. Exclusively at our factory-atelier in Tolaga Bay.
We underpin our brand culture by manufacturing our own cashmere garments. Our unique artisanal environment promotes quality and craftsmanship, which is paramount to our principles. This ensures authenticity of each garment. Our 1922 factory building is heritage listed and a proud landmark of our local community. It’s now home to some of the world’s finest cashmere.
We embody slow culture, preferring the quality-assured touch of a human hand. It’s a philosophy permeating through our factory-atelier, where our handcrafted cashmere is knitted stitch by stitch.
Cashmere is one of natures rarest and most noble fibres, its inherent luxury appeal demands a superior quality of craftsmanship and handmade finish. Our commitment to quality ensures our cashmere products are crafted to endure, to stand the test of time and become your most-loved favourite pieces.
Individually knitted, milled in the softest New Zealand water and steam pressed by hand. Our traditional handcrafted approach provides an authentic definition of luxury goods.
We value longevity. That’s why we make our garments to last. Well-loved cashmere becomes softer with age to last a lifetime. A true cashmere connoisseur knows there’s nothing throwaway about such a noble fibre. It’s the kind of luxury item to share as a well-loved family heirloom.
Small batches. We knit our garments to order, one at a time in small batches. The identifiable hallmark of Tolaga Bay cashmere culture.
Our cashmere is hand linked together stitch by stitch, creating an exceptionally comfortable flat seam. This traditional, intricate procedure, requires the utmost skill and expertise. This hand-linking ensures our fine cashmere retains its incredibly soft handle as well as its naturally robust properties.
Rare local provenance. As cashmere artisans, we believe provenance matters. That’s why we love to knit with cashmere grown on our own hilltops, by our own breed of cashmere goats.
We care for our environment and value our locality. That’s why we manufacture all our cashmere close to home. Our customers value transparency and love knowing our products are 100% made in Tolaga Bay. With no compromise or deviation.