Wash & Care
The beauty of our single-origin cashmere… the more you wash it the softer it becomes.

    As a natural protein fibre you can treat your cashmere like your own hair, regular hand washing will keep it in clean, pristine, healthy condition. We recommend washing your garments with our Tolaga Bay shampoo (moth resistant) You can purchase bottles from our online store.

    Fill a clean sink or washtub with tepid water. 30°C

    Add a drop of gentle shampoo or delicate laundry detergent (8+ Ph) and agitate the water with your hands to activate detergent suds.

    Add your garment to the water by fully submerging it and gently swish it around.

    Leave to soak for 15 - 30 minutes.

    Discard the soapy water and add fresh lukewarm water.

    Swish the garment in the clean water to rinse. 

    You may need to repeat this process until the garment has been rinsed thoroughly and the water is clear. 

    After your last rinse, gently remove excess water by squeezing the garment. 

    You may spin out excess water in a washing machine, on a short spin cycle if you prefer.

    A Tolaga Bay garment does not need to be dried flat on a towel or on a rack at room temperature but you can if you wish as it won't loose its shape.  

    You may use a cool, low heat, tumble dryer if you prefer.

    For a perfect finish, press lightly with a full steam iron set to a medium heat temperature.


    Storing your cashmere correctly is an important tip to help retain its pristine condition. We recommend folding your cashmere flat and storing inside drawers or on shelving.

    Before storing always check your cashmere garment is clean, washed and dry. Store your cashmere in a location that is clean, free from damp and away from direct sunlight.

    Natural lavender and cedar wood are noxious to moths and storing your cashmere garments with these scents will help protect your knitwear further. Seasonally air your wardrobe and drawers, remove all your garments and vacuum up any debris and wipe down surfaces. This will decrease the risk of moth damage. If you do encounter clothes moths or moth larvae, you can place garments in a sealed bag in your freezer for 48 hours to kill the larvae. If the problem persists and you find any small holes in your garments we recommend you seek professional guidance to eradicate the moths.


    Cashmere is a fine, strong, natural fibre. So we handcraft our garments to last a lifetime. Occasionally, during everyday wear over many years, a garment may snag and a hole appear requiring a repair, or you may feel it requires some expert maintenanece. We value our craftsmanship and stand behind our knitwear 100% and will be pleased to do this repair for you free of charge, providing it’s a reasonable request and is technically possible to do. Please return your garment to us, enclosing a brief note to identify the repair required and your contact details. We will endeavour to repair and launder it to the best of our abilities, and will do our very best to achieve a good result and hopefully extend the life of your garment for many more years.


    A hallmark of Tolaga Bay cashmere is our garments are proven to be much less likely to pill than most other cashmere brands. Pilling are small bobbles of fibre that can appear on the surface of knitted garments, most often in areas of abrasion when a garment is first worn. Regular hand-washing will help to reduce pilling and encourage the bobbles of fibre to drop off. When cared for properly, your cashmere garment will maintain its fine quality for many years.